• Spiritual Connections Outreach Ministry, Inc. was founded, developed and initiated on July 16, 2014 by Evangelist Ellen Harvey.

    Spiritual Connections radio broadcasts strive to create an atmosphere centered around Spreading Love, Sharing Inspiring Words and Narratives Captured from the Bible. Through this ministry I seek to Engage my audience, to Reach and Teach positive messages of encouragement. My desire is to assist my listeners and help them to Get Connected & Stay Connected to God. It is my sole intention to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by offering Compassionate Words, Biblical Wisdom, and human Understanding about the current state of our society and the world to support and sustain our next generation.


  • My vision and my focus is to reach people who have lost their connection, and/or those who don't feel connected to God. This Ministry was created and adapted to minister and witness to the people of this world. It is my legacy to create an atmosphere of Love and Compassion for All those seeking to fill that place in their hearts that may feel void and empty. God created us for a purpose, it is my goal to assist my listeners and readers to realize their worth and purpose, and know they Are loved by God. I believe it is possible to touch the spirit, mind and soul of people by showing kindness, love and compassion. God Is Real.

A Word From Evangelist Ellen Harvey

  • SPIRITUAL CONNECTIONS: CEO, Founder, Producer and Host Evangelist Ellen Harvey

    I am proud to have the opportunity to teach and expand the knowledge of my listeners by sharing meaningful topics based on the Holy Bible.

    This ministry was birthed out of my desire to reach out to others by showing love, interceding in prayer, sharing the Holy Word and encouraging others to Get Connected and Stay Connected to God.