Spiritual Connections Outreach Ministry was founded, developed and initiated on July 16, 2014 by Evangelist Ellen Harvey.

During Spiritual Connections live broadcasts I strive to create an atmosphere centered around Spreading Love, Sharing Inspiring Words and Narratives Captured from the Bible. Through this ministry I am to Engage my audience to Reach and Teach positive messages of encouragement. My desire is to assist my listeners and help them to Get Connected & Stay Connected to God. It is my sole intention to embrace the attention of my listeners by also offering Words of Wisdom and Understanding about the current state of our world and society and support our next generation.


My vision and focus is to reach people in this world who have lost their connection with God and primarily those who do not know Him. This Ministry was created and brought forth as a vision to minister and witness to the people of this world. Those people who have never experienced a personal relationship with God, those who were not raised in a Church and have not had the opportunity to be taught or learn about the Holy Bible and it's teachings. Those who don't realize that God even exists, and that He Is Real.

Our Heavenly Father designed all of us to witness to others about His profound Goodness, Grace and Mercy and Love for us. This is my Passion and my Mission and my Assignment!

God has placed it on my heart, in my spirit and in my very being to be a soldier in the army for the Lord.
This is my calling which I am dedicated to see prosper and grow. I am concerned about the welfare and spiritual well being of others. It is my mission to win souls to the Kingdom of God and make God proud of the work I aspire to do on His behalf.

A Word From Evangelist Ellen Harvey

A Word From Evangelist Ellen Harvey

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Spiritual Connections Founded, Hosted & Produced By: Evangelist Ellen S. Harvey

Mark your calendars and listen for Evangelist Harvey's Live one hour Broadcast on Sunday's from 3:00-4:00 pm.

Each and Every live broadcast will test your Bible knowledge by featuring A Bible Trivia Contest! This engages my audience and allows them to increase their knowledge of the Word, and experience a greater Spiritual Connection with God and explore their own spirituality during their listening experience. I am so proud to have the opportunity to teach and expand the knowledge of my audience by sharing meaningful topics based on the Holy Bible.

So Please Tune-In, Listen for the Bible Trivia, and Maybe you will be the next winner of one of my many prize giveaways!!!

"Spiritual Connections" Gospel Outreach Radio Ministry was birthed out of my desire to reach out to others by showing love, interceding in prayer, sharing the Holy Word and encouraging others to Get Connected and Stay Connected to God.

Ask yourself this question:
"What and Who are you Spiritually Connected to?"

If you would like to be a guest on the live broadcast or would like to donate or become a sponsor in support of Spiritual Connections please call Evangelist Harvey @ (716) 573-4529 or email: eharrisharvey@gmail.com

Thank You, and May God Continue To Bless & Keep You All!
Love & Blessings
Evangelist Ellen Harvey